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New page on learning what your current DNS servers are: Test Your DNS Servers
About this website
Apple Routers - I was no fan, but they are discontinued anyway
Bugs in routers
Change log - an audit log of updates to the site
Checklist of security features in a router
Consumer routers - why not to use them
DHCP - after changing router LAN IP address, adjust the DHCP range
Firmware updates - what to look out for when updating router firmware
Firmware self-updating - features to look for and rating some routers
Google WiFi Routers - a.k.a. OnHub
HNAP - Home Network Administration Protocol
Home Page - has both a short and a long checklist of security tweaks
Introduction to routers
IP addresses - using a unpopular subnet makes you safer
ISP routers - when possible, don't use a router or gateway provided by an ISP
Modems - an introduction to modems and a warning about buggy ones
Mesh Routers - thoughts on Eero, Google Wifi, Ubiquiti AmpliFi, Plume, etc
New router - how to set it up securely
Others Gripe on routers - I am not the only one suggesting consumer routers stink
Others Router Security Advice - I am not the only one writing on the subject
Passwords - change the router password first thing
Pepwave Surf SOHO - I recommend using this router
Pepwave Surf SOHO Initial Configuration - half finished ...
Perfect world - eh
Routers in the News usually for being attacked
Router Reviews - not much here, yet
Resources - lots of lists of router related stuff
SSID - suggestions for choosing a good network name
Shodan Query My Router generates a Shodan query for your public IP address
Test your router - The most popular page on the site
Test your DNS servers - used to be part of the Test Your Router page
Turris Omnia router - my thoughts and observations based on kicking the tires
Turn off - Lower your attack surface by turning off these features
VLAN - Virtual LANs allow for network isolation
What can go wrong - with router security. Hint: a lot
WEP, WPA and WPA2 - about the three options for over-the-air encryption
WPS - Everything you ever wanted to know about Wi-Fi Protected Setup

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