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When will AT&T say something

Hurricane Irma is obviously a big deal, but it should not take focus away from the shame that AT&T deserves for the security failures in the gateway devices they gave out to their U-verse customers. This became public on Aug. 31, 2017 thanks to security company Nomotion.

As of September 8, 2017 AT&T has said nothing. I say that based on checking the below sections of their website. They can't even be shamed into acknowledging that there is a problem.

I have checked the following sources for anything from AT&T:

AT&T newsroom

AT&T news postings

On September 1st, a customer asked when they are going to fix it. No response.

U-Verse Arris Modems with HUGE security vulnerabilities On September 8th, another customer asked the same question. No response

AT&T Support center

AT&T U-verse internet support forum

AT&T support on Security & safety

AT&T community forums

Internet Forum

AT&T Internet Equipment Forum

AT&T Inside Connections blog

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